Swedish Cognitive Science Society

The aim of SweCog is to support networking among researchers in Sweden, with the goal of creating a strong interdisciplinary cluster of cognitive science oriented research within Sweden. In practice, we will arrange conferences and help with exchanges among Swedish universities with research in cognitive science.

SweCog is building on the network developed within the Swedish National Graduate School of Cognitive Science, previously hosted here. All researchers with an interest in cognitive science, broadly conceived, are welcome to register with SweCog.

Please contact the board members for more information.

Bylaws (in swedish)

SweCog stadgar 2015

The SweCog Board

Erik Billing (Chair) — University of Skövde
Alexander Almér — University of Gothenburg
Anton Axelsson (Webmaster) — Uppsala University
Linus Holm — Umeå University
Robert Lowe — University of Gothenburg
Arne Jönsson — Linköping University
Annika Wallin — Lund University